Reviewing the Benefits of the Medifast Diet Plan

Are Medifast most reviews primarily positive or negative? This is the question many ask before considering if this is the diet plan for them. If this is a question you are asking then consider that more than 20k doctors have recommended this diet since it was formulated.

medifast cost and reviews

1. “It makes me fell great every time I use it to lose weight. Customer service is very good and the diet helps me feel happy and have more energy”. (Paraphrased)

2. “In June even though I was in a very stressful situation I started the 5 and 1 diet plan. The weight loss began immediately. It was so simple that I could successfully lose weight despite the stress in my life. I averaged 2lbs a week weight loss. (Paraphrased)

3. “I wanted an easy way to lose weight. I didn’t have the time to go to a gym or workout. Medifast helped me a lot. Everyone around me was eating junk food so I worried I would feel bad but it turned out to be fine. I easily lost ten pounds and wasn’t even following it precisely.” (Paraphrased)

What Is The Medifast Diet?

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It is referred to as the 5 and 1 Plan. This just means that you will eat 5 replacement meals provided by Medifast. You will prepare one additional meal a day. Your total daily caloric intake is between 800 to 1000 calories.

Even without exercise, many dieters can lose 2 to 5 pounds a week. After the first few weeks, the amount of weekly pounds lost may go down to 1 to 3 pounds.

What Does This Diet Cost?

The basic plan cost $275.00 a month along with some other expenses. The meals that you buy are made to provide needed nutrition while keeping calories sufficiently low enough that the body begins to burn fat as fuel because not enough calories are being consumed each day.

Advantages Of This Diet

Because you are mostly eating their replacement meals you do not need to give much thought about buying or preparing meals. Still, due to over 70 choices, there is some variety to each day’s meals. In addition, you will normally be preparing one meal a day which further adds to the day’s variety.

Support Groups

The Medifast company has support groups in more than 100 locations. It is not a requirement to attend, but many find that the support groups give you an opportunity to talk about the physical and emotional issues surrounding weight loss and the diet you are on. Many find they are able to succeed more by attending these group meetings.

Does It Really Work?

Many people have used this to successfully lose weight. Numerous doctors have recommended it as a healthy weight loss plan. There is simply no doubt that anyone who keeps to an 800 to 1000 calorie a day diet will lose weight.

Research has found that those who make permanent lifestyle changes upon completing this diet could, in fact, keep the weight off permanently. This is not a magic pill or potion.

Permanent weight loss is a matter of making lasting changes in diet and exercise to maintain a healthy weight. As a matter of fact, weight management is the thing that will matter most long term for keeping healthy.

Still, for those who are overweight, it is necessary to first lose the weight before managing your weight becomes necessary. As we age our metabolism slows and it might seem impossible to lose weight.

But with the Medifast 5 and 1 plan, many adults find they can lose weight. Eating several times a day helps keep them satisfied and they don’t feel overwhelmingly hungry. And because the calories are sufficiently low, they lose weight.…

Everything that You Need to Know About Weight Watchers Program

Weight Watchers is basically a global company owing its origin to Jean Nidtech. The company operates in around thirty countries across the world. Weight Watchers conducts special weekly training sessions, group meetings and offers diet based on a point system. Encouragement and monitoring in group setting is important for the long term success of a plan. The Weight watchers plan involves the dieters targeting specific body mass index ranging between 20 and 25. BMI above 25 is considered too fat and BMI below 20 is considered too thin.

Key Element of Weight Watchers Diet Program

When trying to lose weight, the dieters might experience a lot of stress and this is where support groups can make the procedure less challenging. Group settings allow the dieters to take part in programs where they are able to learn about exercises and nutrition. These meetings also conduct the monitoring procedure of the weight of the dieters. One of the most important elements of the Weight Watchers diet program is point system.

How does the Point System Work?

Point system is increasingly used in this program for keeping a good track of portion control and calories. The point system is used because it is considered one of the easiest systems that the dieters can use for losing weight. It is the responsibility of the dieters to monitor their points on a regular basis. Dieters are offered the flexibility of eating a specific amount of points every day. Dieters weighing 175 pounds are allowed 22 and 25 points every day. The different foods are allotted point values depending on the nutritional value that they possess. This means that the foods with high nutritional value, rich in their content of fiber and low in their fat content will have lower points in comparison to the foods high in their fat content. This means that the dieters should aim towards eating more of the lower point foods as these will be better for their weight loss goals. Lifetime membership of the Weight Watchers program is what you should aim towards in order to get the best weight loss results. Read more at

Is the Medifast Diet Suitable for Teenagers?

Are you a teenager or do you have a teenager in your house looking to lose weight? The ones who have used Medifast or the ones who have seen the advertisements on television might wonder whether teenagers can use Medifast for losing weight. The answer to this question is of course a big YES. Teenagers can make the best use of Medifast for losing a considerable amount of weight. However, it is important for them to look out for a Medifast program specifically meant for the teenagers. This is because the teen Medifast diet plan is not the same as the adult Medifast diet plan.

Adult vs Teen Diet Plan

The 5 and 1 plan is the adult diet plan. People on this diet plan; eat a total of five Medifast meals per day along with an additional meal called the green and lean meal. The green and lean meal is the only meal that the dieters eat in the form of non-Medifast food and their servings are limited to fresh vegetables and lean protein. On the other hand, the teen diet plan has regular food in large quantities while cutting back on the Medifast products that need to be taken throughout the day. There are a total of three Medifast meals included in the teen diet plan offered by Medifast instead of five that is for the adults.

Food Varieties Included in Medifast’s Teen Diet Plan

Due to the fact that teenagers have varied nutritional requirements in comparison to adults because of their changing and growing bodies, Medifast diet plan for teenagers includes fruits, dairy products and grains. These are food products that you might not find in the adult diet plan but they are extremely important for the teenagers. The teen diet plans also lays stress on the inclusion of lean protein like meatless proteins such as tofu and beans and lean meats. The vegetables and fruits part of the Medifast diet plan follows the standard guideline that is five servings every day. Additionally, there are some differences between diet plans for the teenage girls and those for the boys. The diet plan meant for teenage boys consists of additional quantities of fats and whole grains.


The teenagers following the Medifast diet plan for teens need to make certain lifestyle changes in order to get the best results. They need to follow the tips on eating healthy and at the same time they need to incorporate good meals. Additionally, being active and exercising are also important concerns. Read more at