Is the Medifast Diet Suitable for Teenagers?

Are you a teenager or do you have a teenager in your house looking to lose weight? The ones who have used Medifast or the ones who have seen the advertisements on television might wonder whether teenagers can use Medifast for losing weight. The answer to this question is of course a big YES. Teenagers can make the best use of Medifast for losing a considerable amount of weight. However, it is important for them to look out for a Medifast program specifically meant for the teenagers. This is because the teen Medifast diet plan is not the same as the adult Medifast diet plan.

Adult vs Teen Diet Plan

The 5 and 1 plan is the adult diet plan. People on this diet plan; eat a total of five Medifast meals per day along with an additional meal called the green and lean meal. The green and lean meal is the only meal that the dieters eat in the form of non-Medifast food and their servings are limited to fresh vegetables and lean protein. On the other hand, the teen diet plan has regular food in large quantities while cutting back on the Medifast products that need to be taken throughout the day. There are a total of three Medifast meals included in the teen diet plan offered by Medifast instead of five that is for the adults.

Food Varieties Included in Medifast’s Teen Diet Plan

Due to the fact that teenagers have varied nutritional requirements in comparison to adults because of their changing and growing bodies, Medifast diet plan for teenagers includes fruits, dairy products and grains. These are food products that you might not find in the adult diet plan but they are extremely important for the teenagers. The teen diet plans also lays stress on the inclusion of lean protein like meatless proteins such as tofu and beans and lean meats. The vegetables and fruits part of the Medifast diet plan follows the standard guideline that is five servings every day. Additionally, there are some differences between diet plans for the teenage girls and those for the boys. The diet plan meant for teenage boys consists of additional quantities of fats and whole grains.


The teenagers following the Medifast diet plan for teens need to make certain lifestyle changes in order to get the best results. They need to follow the tips on eating healthy and at the same time they need to incorporate good meals. Additionally, being active and exercising are also important concerns. Read more at